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Hi, I’m Candace Jones.

I began my own healing journey in 2011, after almost losing my life in a car accident. After finding healing I was told I would never find, I knew I needed to help others find theirs too. I have learned so much throughout the years and becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner was the missing piece! I have a background in science (AS) and psychology (BA), so I am excited to be able to put it all together and provide the best support possible for you. 

If you feel like you have no energy, are struggling to sleep, are suffering from chronic pain and barely making it through the day with anxiety, I know how you feel. I was there once too. I know how greatly these challenges can impact your ability to carry out your daily obligations both as a person and as a parent and partner.  

I found myself frustrated with no answers, so much conflicting information and no guidance on where to even begin to start feeling better. I wanted to change that.  

I discovered nutrition was the piece that had been ignored by everyone I had turned to for help. I focus on the root cause of symptoms rather than pursuing temporary solutions. I provide support with knowing where to begin and what steps to take to get where you want to go!

My vision is to help parents (and grandparents) find the energy they have been missing, get the sleep that they need, and reduce the pain they experience every day while feeling less anxious doing it. 

If you are ready to crush your goals then click below to schedule a free consultation with me to see what it is like to work together!

Candace Jones of Empowered Roots

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Being the best version of yourself is so hard when you aren’t feeling your best.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated from unexplained symptoms, energy crashes, poor sleep, anxiety, or pain then let’s chat about what working together could do for you.

This is an opportunity for us to address your concerns and look at improving how you feel.

Before our call, I will send you a nutritional assessment questionnaire via email.

During our call, we will discuss the results and what steps we can take towards crushing your goals.

 “I had a very successful experience working with Candace. She listened to my goals and struggles I experienced trying to meet them. She guided me with her knowledge and expertise and validated my feelings when I felt discouraged. She was kind and empathetic in my most vulnerable and even sometimes embarrassing moments. She listened to what was important to me, but also gave me another point of view. Because of working with Candace, I was able to crush many goals that I had been struggling with for a while. I highly recommend Candace and Empowered Roots Wellness.”

– D Welch

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