“Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.” – Jack LaLanne
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Complimentary Health Evaluation

If you’re ready to crush goals that you’ve been struggling with for a while, I can help you.

Here is where we start. 

This informative and free 20-minute call allows you to express your goals and struggles in a safe space for us to determine how I can best help you.  

To request your free call, click below. I will send you a detailed nutritional assessment to better understand your current situation and give you the complimentary results during our call.

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation 

Once you have made the decision to dive in, you can start here or choose one of my programs below that includes this Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation. This 90-minute consultation is where we address your health concerns, medical/family history, current medications, detailed symptom information, assessment results, and a food journal. We will work together to design a personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement protocol that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your specific goals.


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Root cause healing takes time. We are not just simply working on surface level solutions, so we need time to dig deep and work through to results. I have found the best way for you to receive the most benefit is by working for a 3 month (Nourish Program) or 6 month (Thrive Program) time frame together.

All programs include:

  • 90-minute comprehensive nutrition consultation
  • Bi-monthly – 45 minute consultations
  • In depth personalized protocols
  • Protocol updates as needed
  • Re-assessments as needed
  • Unlimited email messages through a client platform
  • Resources for dietary and lifestyle support
  • Access to professional supplement lines


  • Personalized meal plans with grocery lists 

    *All packages receive a discount when paid in full. I also offer monthly payment options. Discounts are also available for couples or multiple family members. 

    Nourish Program (3 months) $750

    Thrive program (6 months) $1400

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    What do I bring to my appointment?

    You are welcome to bring some paper and a pen or pencil to take notes. You are also welcome to take notes on a computer, tablet, or phone if you prefer. I will provide an after visit summary if you would rather not take notes at all.  

    How long does a typical nutritional therapy program last?

    I offer programs that are either 3 months or 6 months long. This provides us time to get to the root cause and take steps towards achieving your goals. It also provides you with the tools and stepping stones to continue your journey once the program is complete. 

    How is nutritional therapy different from dieting or other weight loss programs?

    Nutritional therapy is not a one size fits all approach like many dieting and weight loss programs. Instead it is tailored to your bio-individual needs and created with your goals, history,  lifestyle, age, and more in mind. You will be provided resources that are best for you as an individual and not just a blanketed method or product used for everyone. 

    Can I consult with a nutritional therapist remotely or do I need to visit your clinic in person?

    There is never a need to visit in person at a clinic. We meet via the computer or phone, so I am able to meet with you no matter what your location in the world is. 

    What can I expect during a nutritional therapy session?

    A nutritional therapy session encompasses a comprehensive approach to improving your health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance. From the initial consultation to the development of a nutrition plan and ongoing support, you can expect a collaborative process aimed at helping you achieve your health goals. By working one on one with me over a course of 3 or 6 months, you can take control of your well-being and make positive, long-lasting changes.

    Do you accept insurance for nutritional therapy? 

    Nutritional therapy is not currently covered by insurance.

    Book a Free Consultation

    Being the best version of yourself is so hard when you aren’t feeling your best.

    If you find yourself feeling frustrated from unexplained symptoms, energy crashes, poor sleep, anxiety, or pain then let’s chat about what working together could do for you.

    This is an opportunity for us to address your concerns and look at improving how you feel.

    Before our call, I will send you a nutritional assessment questionnaire via email.

    During our call, we will discuss the results and what steps we can take towards crushing your goals.

     “I had a very successful experience working with Candace. She listened to my goals and struggles I experienced trying to meet them. She guided me with her knowledge and expertise and validated my feelings when I felt discouraged. She was kind and empathetic in my most vulnerable and even sometimes embarrassing moments. She listened to what was important to me, but also gave me another point of view. Because of working with Candace, I was able to crush many goals that I had been struggling with for a while. I highly recommend Candace and Empowered Roots Wellness.”

    – D Welch

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